32 Ingredients 32 Ingredients


Dookki will give you delicious and enjoyable Topokki and try to give you more pleasure. A variety of sauces, vegetables & ingredients. Eat whatever you want!

32 Ingredients


Tteok size20 Special Shape Rice Cake size 6
Special Shape Rice Cake
Tteok size20Slim Rice Cakesize 7
Slim Rice Cake
Tteok size20Potato Sujebisize 8
Potato Sujebi
Tteok size20Flat Flour Rice Cakesize 9
Flat Flour Rice Cake
Tteok size20Cheese Rice Cakesize 13
Cheese Rice Cake
Tteok size20Round Flour Rice Cakesize 11
Round Flour Rice Cake
Tteok size20Hollow Rice Cakesize 10
Hollow Rice Cake


Vegetables size20 Korean Cabbagesize 27
Korean Cabbage
Vegetables size20Green Onion Leavessize 26
Green Onion Leaves
Vegetables size20Perilla Leavessize 4
Perilla Leaves

Fried Food

Fried Food size20 Fried Sweet Potato size 18
Fried Sweet Potato
Fried Food size20 Gimmari size 17
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