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 Recipe Recipe


Feel the different experiences with special recipes from Dookki Topokki Master.
size25 Topokki Gungjung Saucesize
Topokki Gungjung Sauce
A non-spicy, luxurious soy-based sauce
size25 Topokki Cream Saucesize
Topokki Cream Sauce
A rich sauce full of creamy flavor
size25 Topokki Super Spicy Saucesize
Topokki Super Spicy Sauce
Flaming and spicy sauce!
size25 Topokki Ttokmo Sauce size
Topokki Ttokmo Sauce
Secret Recipe of Topokki Sauce!
size25 Topokki Original Sauce size
Topokki Original Sauce
Original sauce made with Dookki's own secret method
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